Hatch Fever” Lyrics
Music & Lyrics by Samuel Luke


There’s a knock

Open the door
R+S: A human sized package
S: Rip through tape
R: like butter
S: and cardboard
R+S: like toast
R: No time for instructions
S: the fire’s diein’
R: Two birds
R+S: one stone
S: Fill the tank with water
R: Turn the ignition
R+S: and Hatchy Boy you’re ready to go

Hatchworth: Far
(Catch Hatch Fever!)
(Catch Hatch Fever!)

There’s a hole

in your floor

we’ve got to

patch it up

Give it a cover,

a latch,

a hinge,

and a turn wheel
Well now you’re talking Hatch Fever-oh!

What’s the worth o’living
S: if you can’t make a living

R: not living but
All: faux living

H: Is there a difference?
A fever’s a fever
Come on everybody prepare to get catchy

Catch Hatch Fever!
Catch Hatch Fever!

Open your heart to me

Come on everybody open up that chest cavity

S: Yeeeoh- Hatchworth that sounds a little morbid
R: Kids! D-D-D-Don’t try this at home!

H: If you took that last bit of advice

you gotta get to the emergency room

Please don’t act out these lyrics

We don’t want you to leave so soon

S: Follow instructions

R: And don’t hurt birds

H: And generally pair your nouns with verbs
S: Study real hard
R: Eat your vitamin soup
H: When all of that’s finished prepare to catch

Hatch disease
(Laaaaaaaaaa, that sounds bad)
It’s not a real disease
But if it were on another world then
All: We’re sorry
H: We wouldn’t wish it on anybody

S: Unless it makes you stronger
R: and live longer
H: Well then that’s just a good thing wouldn’t you agree?

But for now they’re just words and a good time
Come on everybody get down with the robots!

There’s not much left to tell which hasn’t already been stated
Consider yourself ninety-nine point nine percent Hatchworth acclimated
Catch Hatch Fever!
That should about do it.