“The Ballad of Delilah Morreo”
Written by Isabella Bunny Bennett

Spine: Well the blood runs thicker than the water for Delilah Morreo

Rabbit: the daughter of a mad confider, bat and beast and wolf and spider

Hatchworth: Never had a chance at all to save her precious mortal soul

Spine: The reaper's hold would not let go, for poor Delilah Morreo

Rabbit: Two men of equal brilliant minds enchant Delilah Morreo

Hatchworth: Her love for science was a curse, she wilted and was drawn by hearse

Spine: One suitor grew obsessed, he would restore her pretty little soul

Rabbit: Awoke she did with spectral glow, the corpse Delilah Morreo

Spine: Horrified

Rabbit: Yes, the poor dear tried to make things right

Hatchworth: But thirst did call

Spine: suitors did fall

Rabbit: The woman's grave was said and done
Hatchworth: and yet she lived

Spine: The darkness comes

Been dead and gone, but not for long (I’m gonna getcha)

You’ll hear the howling of my song (I’m gonna getcha)

Rabbit: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
Ha, Ah-ha-ha-ah

Hatchworth: No beats except of greasy bat wings for Delilah Morreo

Spine: But heartless girls they still can love, befriending rats and fallen doves

Rabbit: And then she found out there were more just like her own forgotten soul

Hatchworth: But they were bad, they had to go, said Delilah Morreo

Spine: Vampiric chants and alchemy dabbled Delilah Morreo

Rabbit: She thought she might have cured the spell, but things again did not go well

Hatchworth: Instead of needing to drink life, she hungered for some hell-bound souls

Spine: From then on out, she ate her foes, Miss Delilah Morreo

Rabbit: Her fate was sealed, the poor dear tried to make things right

Hatchworth: A new thirst called
Spine: Vampires fall

Rabbit: The woman's creed and code were true

Hatchworth: Sleep tight tonight

Spine: her teeth will chew


Ah, break it down

Rabbit: Well the boogeyman fears the wraith Delilah Morreo

And Death and her are friends now no matter where it is she goes

So all the Vampires should hide from this lady
This side of the netherworld, she’s the baddest in Hades

Hatchworth: All the sugar skulls sing her praise, Delilah Morreo

Spine: There ain't no ghost or specter that’ll stand with her toe to toe
Rabbit: The demon boys love her, it turns the Banshees green

Spine: But there ain’t no man for this Vampire Queen