“Commander Cosmo” Lyrics
Written by Isabella Bunny Bennett

You told me

You’d h-...

Burning in the stratosphere

Looks like there’s no place to run

I know that I have a heart

It burns like a million suns

Commander Walter, come in

We’ve got the Cosmo’s distress signal

You were hit by an unknown force

An energy with Earth as it’s source

What’s your status?

This is flight Engineer Dwight

Ground Control, do you read?

The explosion, it hit Walter! Hit him right in the chest

I’m losing air, I’m spinning out

High above the Earth

I don’t think I can hold on much longer

The story says he saved Dwight

Filled his lungs with air

And he returned him through the atmosphere without a bruise, or scrape, or tear

Commander Cosmo Saves The Day

A hero overnight

He rocketed into outer space just by thinking about flight

There was no explanation how he did what he did.

He unearthed special powers from his deep cosmic id

He could eat thirty moons and still eat thirty-five more.

And his super space muscles were hard to ignore.

Commander Cosmo™ save us!

It’ll never be the same

The star streak of justice flies

Just call the commander’s name

Commander Cosmo™ save us!

Save us all from Mars

The martians melted Parliament and ate all of our cars.

Black hole strong and lightspeed quick

Singularity Concussive Kicks™

Comet Crystalline Ether Form™

And eyes that burn like a cosmic storm

Mister Cosmo, you're the best. Hello, my name is Sam.

I bought your t-shirt and your lunchbox - the one with the sweet hologram.

If you could sign my baseball bat, gosh that would be swell

And if you’ve got some extra time, could you send those spider demons back to hell?

Commander Cosmo™ save us!

Save us from Doctor Blight™

With your helmet made from UV rays and that space cape of starlight.

Flying saucers, sky sharks, the Starblood Beast™ all could not compare.

Even the space pterodactyls didn’t stand a chance, Commander Cosmo killed them all with his Sun Beam Stare™

I just can’t bare to wade

Through the infinite decades

Seein’ all those pretty smiles

They’ll burn, they’ll burn

Burning like a million suns

I know where I’m going to run

Straight into the heart so far

deep within the darkest star

Commander Walter loved her

But the ring, it came too late

Decades flew by but she would cherish him

No matter his final fate.

Commander Walter, save him

Save him in your heart

Find peace inside the black of the dark Necrostar

Commander Cosmo, save us

it’ll never be the same

There’s nothing left to save us, and the vice is what to blame

Commander Cosmo, save us

Save us from the end

What will we do when the cosmos quake and the gods above descend?