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How did you guys come up with the Steam Powered Giraffe name and how did you get your start?

David and Bunny Bennett came up with the name before they even had their robot group or knew the name would be used for it. The name “Steam Powered Giraffe” was just a silly name for a few recordings that the Bennett siblings did. Bunny was partial to steampunk, and David sort of liked giraffes.

After taking a mime class at Grossmont Community College with Jerry Hager, they met other performers who shared their passion for acting and proceeded to dabble in robot pantomime busking on the streets of Balboa Park. What started as a street act soon turned to the stage. The result is what you see today!

How did you guys name each robot?

The Spine and Rabbit were the Bennett siblings' online aliases for many years, while the name Hatchworth was constructed more recently to tie in with the character's supposed chest-door and old-timey appearance.

Is Bunny Bennett (Rabbit the Robot) transgender?

Bunny Bennett is a transgender individual and her character was updated into a woman to reflect changes in her personal life.

Is your show family friendly?

Our show is extremely family friendly. We're often told both kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents find our show cool!

What brand of makeup do you use, who is the robot makeup artist, and how long does it take to put on?

Each robot performer actually does their own makeup!

We use a combination of Mehron metallic powder and an alcohol based mixing solution, Snazaroo's various water based makeups, liquid eyeliner, and Ben Nye creams.

Makeup application time varies between artists. Typically the makeup takes about an hour and a half to two hours each.

Where did you get your costumes?

The Steam Powered Giraffe costumes are custom made by our costume designer Esther Skandunas.

Who does all the Steam Powered Giraffe art?

Bunny Bennett does the majority of the art you see on the website, including the graphical elements, the comic, many of the illustrations, and the overall art direction of the band.

You can see Bunny's artwork by visiting her gallery here.

Samuel Luke has contributed his own artwork to posters and the collectible art booklets that come with our CDs and various illustrations!

You can see Sam's artwork by visiting his gallery here.

Both Bunny and Sam are working together to bring to life the SPG graphic novel.

What are your musical influences?

Collectively, the members of Steam Powered Giraffe enjoy a wide variety of music. Here are just a few names that we have been influenced by: The Band, ELO, The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, The Mills Brothers, The Bee Gees, Amanda Palmer, Danny Elfman, Frank Sinatra, Radiohead, Muse...

And the list goes on!

Where is SPG located, and where do you usually perform?

The robots live in San Diego, California and perform all over America! Typically you can find us on the west coast entertaining at various conventions and events, but as our group expands- we may be in your area soon!

When will you perform in [Insert City, State, and or Country]?

We're making it our goal to travel planet Earth as much as possible in our career. For the latest shows, you can consult our calendar here. Typically we only post upcoming events for the next couple of months, but if you don't see your location- know that we'd be more than happy to make it out there with enough interest and a booking from your local venue! Our Contact page has all the information that you can pass on to anyone interested in hiring us for a show in your area.

Do you still busk acoustically in Balboa Park?

While we had our start busking in the park as street entertainers, we no longer do park performances due to our busy concert schedule.

What happened to the robot Upgrade (Erin Burke)?

Erin Burke was one of the founding members of Steam Powered Giraffe and played the female robot, Upgrade. She left the band in January 2011 due to artistic differences and wanting to pursue a career in acting.

What happened to the robot The Jon (Jon Sprague)?

Jon Sprague was one of the founding members of the band, but was let go in September 2012 due to conflicts.

What happened to the musicians Matt and Mike?

Both Matthew Smith and Michael Reed were human musicians utilized on tours, but no longer play with the band due to the nature of the new live show.

Who sings what songs?

Typically the main writer of a song sings the melody, but sometimes that's not always the case or we have multiple people singing parts of the melody. A good way to learn the robot voices and their names is to listen to "One Way Ticket" and consult the lyrical information on our website or the art books that come with our CDs.



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