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Artwork By Bunny Bennett

Steam Powered Giraffe The Comic FAQ

What happened to the old Steam Powered Giraffe Comic?

The “old comic” is being retrofitted. Some pages have to be redrawn, but most of the existing pages are still being used. We’ve also taken some creative liberty to move things around to serve the story better.

What’s the plot?

The Steam Powered Giraffe Comic takes place in present day in San Diego, California. Faceless inventor Peter Walter VI is visited in his manor by his new intern: a young lady named Lorene Keaton. But the woman is a little unprepared for the zany antics of the family that lives in the manor. Some of them are mutants and some of them are robots, but that seems to be common affair for a legacy of mad inventors.
An ongoing rivalry with another scientific family places motive when one of Walter’s prized artifacts is stolen. Peter and his robots must set off into a parallel dimension to recover the artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. But the stakes are high as the plot thickens, twists, and continually derails thanks to Peter’s three clueless androids and a myriad of non-sequiturs.

Is this going to be a continuing series or a one shot?

This will be a self-contained graphic novel initially. We will also be creating one-shot mini-comics in addition to the ongoing narrative, and a sequel is definitely a possibility. Bunny already has some ideas of a plot if we continue it.

Will this be released in print or online?

The graphic novel will be released for free online with page updates throughout the new year and beyond until its conclusion. It will be worked on in real time so page updates will be hot and fresh. Down the road we are considering releasing this story and any one-shot comics we do as a physical book.

Who is writing and illustrating?

The story is written by Bunny Bennett, with additional writing from Sam Luke and David Bennett. The storyboards are drawn by Sam Luke and the line art is done by Bunny Bennett with additional line art by Sam Luke. Color will be done by Gabi Gonzales and Bunny Bennett.
There will also be pages entirely drawn just by Bunny or just by Sam. Or even pages drawn half and half by both artists. Each entry online will feature the artist information on who composed the page so you know the credit.

Will we learn more about the back story of the robots?

You will get to see the robots as they appeared in Victorian times in Becile and Walter’s infamous Weekend War and various other points throughout history. With that of course comes tidbits of the back story. We’re treating the comic like the viewer has never heard of Steam Powered Giraffe- so there is exposition weaved in.

Does the comic primarily take place in Walter Manor?

The majority of the comic will take place in Kazooland, the dimension where The Cavalcadium resides. But we do get to see plenty of Walter Manor!

I heard Rabbit is getting a gender change in the act. Is Rabbit going to be a girl in the comics? Will we get a lore explanation why?

Yes, Rabbit is being redrawn as a girl for all the completed pages and future pages. The change will be addressed in the comic, but its not the concentration of the story.

Will we learn why The Spine has green eyes instead of blue? What about the other functionality of the robots?

You will finally learn why some of Walter’s robots have green eyes. There are additional scenes that hint at how the robots work, but we won’t be detracting from the narrative to explore their mechanics in detail.

Will we be learning more about the interrelations between The Cavalcadium, the Brown Suits, the Walters, and the Beciles?

The Cavalcadium, the Brown Suits, the Walters, and the Beciles are all featured in the comic. You can definitely expect to learn more about them and how they fit into the world!

When will the comic be released?

The first few pages will launch January 1st, followed by continuing updates throughout the year.

How frequent will updates be?

Updates will be sporadically frequent. Meaning, we’re not going to make any concrete release dates in case our touring schedule or other projects need priority, but we’re also not going to have updates limp along at a slow pace.
If all goes to plan you can expect a full year of comic adventures to enjoy!